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Our Vision

We make every possible effort to be such a service provider, delivering beyond expectations. We believe that the security and protection process begins most successfully with right preparations, planning, elaboration and well equipment, to deliver services that will meet the expectation of clients.

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Our Mission

Korejir has over 5 years of experience as a security company.

Committed to offer reliable cost effective customer orientated security services by selecting best security guards, train and retain them to deliver quality service to our customers. We plan to be the number one Security Company in Kurdistan, Iraq and expand internationally by offering new and innovative service options as well as providing service delivery that exceeds the norm and expectations of our clients resulting in job creation and security at the same time.



We value our clients relationship above all.

Mohammed Muhsin

About The Founder

Mohammed Muhsin Salih has been in the industry for more than three decades.

KOREJIR security has been established and Founded in 2013, by Mr. Mohammed Muhsin Salih, who is a former Peshmarga commander with over 35 years of service and experience in both military and politic, Mr. Mohammed is well known by the entire Kurdistan community, politicians, businessmen, Police and Asayish (Kurdistan security department), his popularity became an asset for the development and innovation for the company.

Korejir History

History & Achievements
  • 2012

    ExxonMobil/ DNO/TOTAL partnership contract:

    Static and Mobile security services provided for a period of six months for conducting the seismic survey The cost of the project was US$800,000
  • 2012

    HKN Energy Ltd:

    Korejir is currently providing security services to HKN in Sarsink sub municipality area since 2012, the services consisted of providing security guards, ACM, Security coordinators, team leaders and supervisors. The overall cost of the project is so tar USS2,500,000
  • 2013

    Princo Oil Co

    KOREJIR securty Ltd provided security services to Princo oil company during 2013 in the areas of Gara Mountains (where the company has estabished their oil & gas excavation project sitel near cities of Amadia and Sarsink, located in at US$4,000,000
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  • 2015

    Edinburgh International Security

    KOREJIR security Ltd Intered joint adventure agmement with Edinburgh International Security in March 2015 Yor punminc acuity related business opportunities. The Joint adventurw ecurnty contracts wth certain clients such as ABB.
  • 2016

    Private Companies

    KOREJIR security Ltd entered in to contracts with certain companies such as Empire Building projects & Sinan Vegetable oil factory)
  • 2016

    Kurdmax Satellite TV station

    KOREJIR security Ltd. Has recently signed the contract and already started providing security services to the station in Erbil with our extensive alerted security guards protecting the station from any an expected violence by selihring the entrance and the surrounding yards.

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